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Eggs & Such - Breakfast

Bacon & 2 Eggs


Choose pork or turkey bacon

Bacon Strips/Sausage Patties Protein Choice:Pork Turkey
Eggs Any Style:Over Easy Over Medium Over Hard Sunny Side Up Scrambled Scrambled w/ cheese +$0.50Egg Whites Poached No Eggs
2 Sides:Hash Browns Hash Browns Smothered with Onions Hash Browns Smothered with Onions and Cheese +$1.50Bacon Cheddar Taters +$2.50Home Fried Potatoes Home Fried Potatoes Covered with Cheese +$1.50Grits Grits Topped with Cheese +$0.75Big Bowl of Grits +$0.75Big Bowl of Grits Topped with Cheese +$1.75Mexican Rice Refried Beans Fresh Fruit Tomato Slices Cottage Cheese Fresh-Baked Muffin Biscuits & Gravy Bagel Two Pancakes Corn Tortillas Cinnamon Roll +$2Fresh-Baked Croissant +$1.50French Toast +$3Waffle +$3Cinnamon Roll French Toast +$3.50Toast Wheat Toast Sourdough Toast White Toast Rye

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